Gypsetters: Who are These Cultural and Bohemian Nomads?

Gypset is a neologism meaning gypsy + jet set. It is a term coined by journalist and author Julia Chaplin in 2009, with her first book in the Gypset trilogy, Gypset Style. It describes “an unconventional, bohemian approach to life characterized by a worldly wonder and soulful creativity.” In her book, Chaplin defines gypsetters as “artists, designers, and bon vivants who live and work around the globe.”

However, the current gypsetter category expands to include all the creative and intellectual types, people who do not believe in borders and consider the entire world a destination.

On the official Gypset website, gypsetters are “an international group of artists, entrepreneurs, surfers, seekers, and bon vivants– who lead semi-nomadic, unconventional lives.” They “have perfected a creative approach to life that fuses the freelance and nomadic ways of the mythologic gypsy with the adventurous freedom of the jet set.”

Chaplin’s definitions contain essential information that immediately suggests who are the gypsetters, besides being artistically inclined and adventurous by nature.

They are bon vivants – people who enjoy a sociable yet luxurious lifestyle in the term’s broad definition.

Gypsetter may be a portmanteau of gypsy and jet setter, but these nomads appreciate the good life. They enjoy travel, adventure, people, and places without neglecting or overlooking luxuries, although they are more focused on creativity and self-growth and less on cash and material things.

Gypsetters are loves of culture, nature explorers, and foodies attracted by bohemian and ethnic-chic environments. They appreciate vintage-style clothing with tribal patterns, bright colours, billowing or loose layers, and eccentric jewellery and accessories.

Although their fashion style is daring and different, it remains inspired, creative, and unostentatious. It typically borrows design elements from other cultures, but it is recreated with respect for the international identity that defines their lifestyle. The clothing reflects the wanderlust gypset spirit, optimism, and an easy-going approach to life.

Gypsetters are free thinkers, free spirits who forge their own environments in serene locations, surrounded by nature and positive energy.

Although many are wealthy, they tend to appreciate authenticity over glamor and mindfulness over unnecessary luxuries. So, you can expect them to look for hotels and villas built around sustainable practices. They will choose restaurants that serve organic, cruelty-free culinary creations. And they will join activities that promote spiritual awakening, meditation, and wellbeing.

The gypset lifestyle is a booming travel trend yet still in its infancy. Finding accommodation that caters exclusively to the gypset wants and desires is not that easy. The Syntopia Hotel is a novelty in Crete, a one-of-a-kind, adults-only destination for gypsetters seeking to experience authentic deluxe Greek island living. Guests will discover a chic hippie heaven with mindful activities, delicious organic dishes centred around seasonal products, all ecological materials in construction and furnishings, decor inspired by the Cretan nature, tradition, and culture, and a lovely sandy beach just outside the hotel’s door.

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