Syntopia: More Than a State of Mind

What’s in a name? In The Syntopia Hotel’s case, the term is more than an identifier: it reflects a hospitality concept that combines style and artistry within a hassle-free and eclectic environment for the bohemian-chic wanderers.

A definition of the term syntopia by the Urban Dictionary describes “a future which is neither dystopic nor utopic, but rather is essentially identical to the present.” The Syntopia Hotel embodies even this concept, presenting itself as “A dreamy, yet tangible getaway.

Syntopia is a portmanteau word standing for togetherness (syn) in the same place (topos). The purpose of the space is to draw gypsetters – the bons vivants of the world who want to enjoy discovering new places, carefree living, escaping the mundane hustle and bustle, and freedom of expression without cutting back on hedonistic indulgences. On Crete, The Syntopia Hotel is the space where these travelers come together to experience a unique gypset atmosphere under the fiery caress of the Mediterranean summer sun.

The very architectural layout and decor of the hotel and its grounds reflect the syntopia concept. Glamorous yet casual furnishings uplift bright spaces dominated by the warm textures and tones of natural wood and the unassuming sophistication of the all-organic materials used to enhance everything from bed linen to the tiniest detail of the decor.

Soothing pools of muted cerulean lay ready to revitalize weary sun-chasers who spend their afternoons chilling on the deck stretched on a lounger or enjoying the intimacy of a two-person cabana. A poolside tipi adds a plus of character to the place and is often a stage for morning yoga sessions.

Even the culinary display draws inspiration from the syntopia concept, forwarding an array of local dishes and street-food based on recipes collected from different worldwide destinations. To make the experience complete, the hotel hosts regular concerts and live performances in a diverse program that features ethnic music, live Greek bands, and pop-up dancers. An open-air cinema completes the experiential roundup.

Within the grounds of what the media moguls called “Crete’s most photogenic hotel,” “syntopia” transcends the physical realm, becoming more than a state of mind.

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