Live Saxophone Music at The Syntopia Hotel

Antoine-Joseph “Adolphe” Sax created the saxophone in the 1840s, probably without even dreaming of the universal recognition the instrument gained in time. He carved the first saxophone from wood and designed seven types and sizes, from sopranino to contrabass.

Several noteworthy musicians improved the original designs. We owe the brass saxophone of today to Henri Selmer, who perfected the musical instrument in 1929.

But it is not the instrument’s history why we offer you live saxophone music at The Syntopia Hotel. We have other motivations, and we hope to inspire you too.

A Versatile Instrument for a Variety of Music Styles

The saxophone adds a unique dimension to every style, from jazz and swing to funk, soul, blues, rock-n-roll, pop, classical or chamber music, and beyond. And since it is suitable for so many genres, no wonder the saxophone ranks among the top ten most popular musical instruments in the world.

Did you know that saxophonist Kenny G is one of the best-selling of all time? But, of course, you cannot talk about saxophone players without giants like Sidney Bechet, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Stan Getz, Dexter Gordin, Zoot Sims, Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, and so many others.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

While it is not hard to learn the basics, the saxophone is hard to master. Only very skilled artists can produce the magical sounds that speak to your soul.

It takes a lot of training and self-discipline to sound like a professional. You must also understand the instrument and its capabilities; for example, without mastering how to keep your lips on the embouchure (mouthpiece), you will likely fail to produce a good sound.

An Unmistakable Sound

You will always recognize the saxophone, regardless of the musical style. The timbre depends on the instrument, reed, embouchure, room acoustics, and player: it can be edgy and brilliant, vibrant, dark, mellow, soulful, or playful.

The tone is more a reflection of the player’s soul, heart, and passion than the composer’s intentions. The player creates the magic that triggers the audience’s emotions.

As the musical genres evolved in history, the saxophone came a long way from its humble origins. Initially, the sax was used by military bands. Then, vaudeville musicians used it to mimic chicken sounds.

Today, the saxophone counts as one of the greatest instruments ever invented, and it can make remarkable solo appearances in any music genre.

Music for Your Soul

With its sensational saxophone riff, George Michael’s Careless Whisper is one of the most famous sax songs of all time. Van Morrison’s saxophone passion comes thru in Moondance. Raphael Ravenscroft’s prominent eight-bar saxophone riff made Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street a classic.

All these songs trigger memories and emotions with their howling, haunting sax tunes.

During our live saxophone music nights at The Syntopia Hotel, you will experience the same triggers. Some tunes may remind you of a cherished moment of your past, while others may create unique memories of your stay on Crete Island.

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