Open-air Cinema at The Syntopia Hotel

The open-air cinema is one of the experiences you will appreciate during your stay at The Syntopia Hotel. It’s an intimate space under the Cretan skies, in a zen-like garden, decorated with the same flair as all The Syntopia spaces: rustic chic accents, masks, Cretan pottery, wicker baskets, Cretan herbs, and palms make the perfect environment to enjoy a good movie.

We start screening when the first stars lit the Cretan sky. Then, if you listen carefully, you hear the breeze and the sounds of the waves–soothing background tunes for what will become a delightful movie experience.

Sit back under the starry skies with your favourite drink in your hand. You can choose whatever you like: soda, cold water with a dash of lemon, wine, beer, cocktails or mocktails, fresh juices, or iced coffee. In addition, popcorn, ice cream, and canapés are available to keep those restless hands busy or just if you are in the mood to nibble something while you watch.

And it’s wonderful to be outside, isn’t it? An outdoor movie experience is more enjoyable than a stuffy indoor movie theatre–healthier too. You get to breathe freely, taking in the breeze and the subtle scents of the herbs we planted in the garden. The evening temperature is gently cool, and you feel one with nature while the movie plays in another world in front of your very eyes.

The open-air cinema at The Syntopia Hotel promotes community and exchange of ideas with like-minded guests staying with us. You can get to meet them and discuss the movie once it’s over. Or, if you come with your love interest, our open-air cinema offers a truly romantic experience for couples.

What can you expect to see? Mainly classics in English, in all genres, from cult to thrillers, romance, comedy, action, drama, mystery, and beyond. But we also show Greek movies (with subtitles) and other foreign films. In addition, we curate the program to include blockbusters, art house films, experimental films, and even eccentric cinema to satisfy a broader range of preferences. And although the screen is smaller than in mainstream outdoor movie theatres, we have an excellent picture and sound quality: you will not be disappointed.

You can expect the cinematic timetable of the open-air cinema at The Syntopia Hotel to reflect our gypset lifestyle concept and philosophy. The films we screen aim to enhance your experience at the hotel and are part of our all-inclusive entertainment program. We screen during the entire tourist season, only cancelling when adverse weather conditions occur.

So, check out what’s on at the reception and don’t miss the open-air cinema experience when you stay at The Syntopia Hotel.

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