Shisha by the Pool at The Syntopia Hotel: Exotic Flavours and Gypset Vibes

Do exotic flavours entice you? A sleek convivial atmosphere awaits by the main pool at The Syntopia Hotel, where the air is fragrant with Oriental scents. It’s the shisha bar. So, come and relax by the pool, alone, or in company.

It’s a laid-back atmosphere at the shisha bar by the pool. You can sit on comfy round pillows to really take in those far Oriental vibes. Or choose a lounger to stretch your legs and rest your back – whatever makes you most comfortable. Then, ask for the shisha and hookah menu and pick an exotic flavour that entices you: the menu is extensive. We have all the classic favourites and more unusual blends that elevate the tobacco to a whole new level. You can try something new every time you are in the mood for a narghile, and we are sure that the menu of shisha flavours has enough to satisfy even the pickiest hookah connoisseur.

If you’ve never had hookah before, we suggest you go for the milder flavours. Hardcore smokers will want a stronger tobacco base that gives the narghile extra zing without compromising the bewitching savour of the taste. We use premium flavourings for our hookahs, making the experience long-lasting and satisfying.

If you are not sure what to pick, ask your server – we already know our menu well.

Smoking shisha is more gratifying combined with a coffee or tea. Some smokers also choose alcoholic beverages, but connoisseurs know that water remains the best drink to pair with a hookah: being neutral, water doesn’t take away from the flavour of the tobacco, while any other beverage, even non-alcoholic, will. Coffee and tea are classics. However, if you want alcohol, go for a light beer, dry wine, or cider. Cocktails are not recommended, but if you must have one, some that could go with classic hookah blends include margaritas, mojitos, and basically all that have a touch of citrus or mint. Our mixologists will recommend you the cocktails that go with the hookah flavour of your choice.

While narghile smoking may seem fun and the taste of the tobacco is sweeter and smoother, it has adverse health effects just like cigarette smoking. In other words, hookah smoking is not safer than cigarette smoking. According to the Mayo Clinic, “hookah smokers are exposed to more carbon monoxide and smoke than are cigarette smokers.” So, smoke responsibly and don’t overdo it.

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